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Karma & Healing Destiny

Your new journey awaits

Learning from Past Lives

Every one of us possesses unique talents and gifts. We are often reluctant to apply ourselves when we sense we have tried in the past to do so without success.

Chances are, we have tried in the past – not in this lifetime, but a previous one!

Get answers surrounding what you need to do with your life. Why you need it now? What you might have accomplished in a past life that can bring happiness to this one.

Discover a great deal more about your Karma and Healing. This unique combination reading includes a 12 Month Karma and Healing Destiny Forecast.

NEW Report Features Include Easy Print and Read Features – Plus Text to Speech Option.

Date of Birth

Time of Birth

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Your Healing Traits

Regardless of how long you have suppressed or ignored them. You can heal your emotional wounds.

Often wounds resulting from events that altered our perspective on life. Those that disturb us most can take the longest to heal.

Your New Journey Awaits

Because we are good at something does not mean we have found our true-life calling.

It is difficult to remove ourselves from a deep comfort zone. More so if we have pursued the ambition before in a past life.

Sometimes, we find ourselves pushed to try something new. We are ready to embark upon a unique journey. Discover ways this might happen during your lifetime.

Karma & Healing Destiny Forecast

Long term connections as well as a short-term monthly summary. What you can prepare for affecting your karmic journey and the healing you can expect.

Longer-term trends highlight behind the scenes activity. Where you are likely, to accept gradual change.

When steady or challenging patterns exist. You may need to prepare yourself for a helpful learning curve of some kind.

Change or disruptive trends help you to identify unanticipated karmic or healing developments. Forecasts pinpoint precisely when these, often welcome events, might occur.

NEW Report Features Include Easy Print and Read Features – Plus Text to Speech Option.

We are here to help. You can update the birth details anytime if you make a mistake or find more accurate birth details.

Reports are delivered both onscreen and emailed to you.

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