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Forecast Readings

How you advance and progress

Love Life Forecast

Your guide to successful dating
Important dates for romantic or social activity. Details the best times for love during the months ahead.

Lucky Encounters Destiny

Where you’re likely to be lucky
Identify potential areas for success and happiness in your life.

Karma & Healing Destiny

Shapes and influences your future
Learn from Past Lives - Your New Journey Awaits

Prospects & Progress

Q&A Forecast – 12 Months
Essential Q&A’s affecting your Luck, Freedom, and Attitude


How you change, grow and develop
Make use of your most positive characteristics during the promising time periods indicated.

Hidden Secret Destiny

Personal enduring characteristics
Unique and detailed insight into enduring qualities affecting your most significant relationships.

Life Planner

Secrets of success
Benefit from life changing events and know when they occur. Make everyday activities easier to handle!

Life Stages

Personal development
Make the most of events and encounters. Discover what triggers your powers of persuasion and progress?

Star Potential

Q&A Forecast – 12 Months
Key Q&A’s affecting your Vitality, Instincts, Healing, and Past Experience.

Passion & Persuasion

Q&A Forecast – 12 Months
Essential Q&A’s affecting your Inspiration, Power, Love, and Actions.

Future Destiny Forecast

Prepare for the future!
Develop the most positive and rewarding parts of your character.

Personal 12 Month Forecaster

Identify when to make decisions
Spot valuable opportunities: a changing relationship, job, or home. Learn to rely on your choices over the coming months.

Career & Ambition Destiny

Work prospects and motivation
Your aspirations, dependability and decision-making abilities

Love & Passion Destiny

Motivation, Impulsiveness and Passion
The way you invest energy in your quest for love. How you try and get your way. The achievement of your desires.