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Love & Passion Destiny

Your desire for love

Love and passionate commitment

Discover the part the heavens play in the unfolding story of your desire for love. This reading accurately reveals your attitude toward love and romance. It sheds light on your fantasies, aspirations, and passionate purpose.

This reading describes your lovemaking potential, the lover you are. It also defines the lover you want and what you expect from your partner. At the same time, it indicates the best way to use your creative abilities.

Discover a great deal more about your life’s Love and Passions. This unique combination reading includes a 12 Month Love and Passion Destiny Forecast.

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NEW Report Features Include Easy Print and Read Features – Plus Text to Speech Option.

Date of Birth

Time of Birth

Motivation, impulsiveness, and desire

This reading reveals the way you invest energy in your quest for love. How you express dislike and confrontation to try and get your way. Your strength of determination and how it affects the achievement of your desires.

Mysterious and compassionate qualities

Your various attributes play a part in enabling you to show love. Your imagination plays an important role—also, your dreams, subconscious, and extrasensory perceptions.

Love and Passion Destiny Forecast

Unique and detailed insights into long term developments. Trends likely to affect your most promising loving, and passionate connections. Monthly summaries detail what you must prepare for and expect.

The longer-term trends highlight behind the scenes activity. Where you are likely, to accept gradual change. Also, when steady or challenging patterns exist. You may need to prepare yourself for a helpful learning curve of some kind.

Long term connections as well as a short-term monthly summary. What you can prepare for affecting your karmic journey and the healing you can expect. Specific changes or disruptive trends help you to identify sudden, unanticipated developments. Your Destiny Forecast pinpoints precisely when these, often welcome events, are likely to occur.

Be satisfied and prosper in the knowledge that you are trying to become the best you can be.

NEW Report Features Include Easy Print and Read Features – Plus Text to Speech Option.

We are here to help. You can update the birth details anytime if you make a mistake or find more accurate birth details.

Reports are delivered both onscreen and emailed to you.

Meet the Author

Jeff Prince is an inspirational Astrologer. Read by followers around the world. He has studied astrology for over 40 years. A professional author since 2005. Interpretations designed to encourage you to think. They help you to consider your actions in the most positive way possible. You’ll also find Jeff’s chatty style of Daily horoscopes feature in a wide range of online media worldwide.