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Special Packages

Destiny Revealed

Save time and money with our amazing offer.

Soul Profile

Your mystical nature

Realize your life’s real purpose

Be self-aware, in command, make the most of your true potential with this in-depth analysis.

Your abilities defined and examined

The various parts of your psyche – the good, the difficult, and the uncertain. See how they create the unique human being that is you – revealing the essence of your Soul.

NEW Report Features Include Easy Print and Read Features – Plus Text to Speech Option.

Date of Birth

Time of Birth

12 chapters about you!

Your appearance and personality. Your will and purpose. What it is you long for most. The emotional responses you are likely to make. Soul Profile includes chapters on career and status, powers of perception, and intellect.

Relating to others

Your attractiveness and self-assertiveness. Sexual drive. Age-linked areas include your faith and awareness. The lessons you have to learn and responsibilities you must face up to and undertake.

How you display your uniqueness, sensitivity, and embrace your spirituality. Your innate power and the areas likely to be most subject to healing and change.

NEW Report Features Include Easy Print and Read Features – Plus Text to Speech Option.

We are here to help. You can update the birth details anytime if you make a mistake or find more accurate birth details.

Reports are delivered both onscreen and emailed to you.

Meet the Author

Lyn Birkbeck has been a professional Astrologer and author since 1979. His works include Time Traveler, Soul Profile, Soul Mates, Predictor, Relationship Reality, Relationship Success. When reading his personalized reports, you will discover new perspectives on life. Afterward, you are unlikely ever to feel the same again!